Kids Love Chiropractic Too
The purpose of Chiropractic in our young is to set them up for success by creating a strong foundation for their nervous system to develop and flourish.

Have you stopped and thought about the stresses that are placed on a babies spine during birth (not to mention momma's, but more on that in another section)? Like really thought about the miracles of child birth? Chiropractic, throughout the years, has found that new borns have misalignments in the spine and this can lead to health issues and complications.


As your child grows, they go through “growth spurts,” during which they experience rapid changes in the child’s bone structure and density. Chiropractors help make these periods less painful for your child and ensure there are no spinal restrictions or structural imbalances during these critical growth spurts. Allowing growth while removing interferences gives your child the best chance to flourish and start their life


As is true with most things in life, we get sick. Chiropractic care has been shown to help with COLIC, EAR INFECTIONS, BREASTFEEDING ISSUES, GI ISSUES, and MUCH MORE. Tulsa Movement is focused on maintaining a healthy nervous system and keeping your child on the path to a healthy, flourishing development!


When treating a child, the amount of force used is what it would take for you to check the ripeness of a peach at the grocery store. Other ways we adjust your child is by using a low force instrument. Children are developing and often times respond much faster than adults and are great candidates for Chiropractic!


Tulsa Movement is a FAMILY clinic, if you are already a patient bring your child in with you next time for a free consultation and let us see how we can begin to help the whole family create a movement of health.